Building a Talent Architecture

Building a Talent Architecture

"Sometimes you need a strategy to do things by stealth"

Talent as a function has evolved into a complex area that at its heart has a simple requirement, how to help people be their best and to serve the requirements of the organisations.

Through the breakfast conversation, it emerged that there appears to be a number of elements that need to be in place or put in place. Here are the first 5 key points that may be of use as you develop your successful talent framework.

1.Vision – the company needs to have in place their commercial imperative and vision. It’s important that there is a talent vision in place that underpins these core business and commercial priorities and objectives. As a professional you need to be in a position to sell and tell a compelling talent journey and series of stories.

2.Strategy – there needs to be a clear view of what the next 3 years hold for the organi- sations talent pipeline, you can plan for longer than this but what’s noted is the pace of change that organisations are dealing with. Therefore taking a 3 year rolling view is a more agile way to consider talent.

3.Prioritise – define clear goals, objectives, KPIs and quick wins. Identify the roadmap to success littered with strategic and tactical initiatives that can gain buy-in, momentum and engagement. Ultimately, you need to be able to demonstrate how the talent initia- tive translates into commercial and practical value for the business, leaders and their teams.

4.Executive Buy-in – capture the stories of senior executives in the organisation and use these stories to highlight career paths are as diverse as the organisations and teams you hope to build.

5. Role Models - identify role models by asking the question ‘what does future leadership look like in this organisation’. Get the CEO and executive team involved and engaged in this look into the organisation’s future landscape.

Download the Insight paper to read the 10 tips and 3C's to building your Talent Framework. Also you can download your own "Talent Diagnostics Heatmap" to determine the next steps for your organisation.

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