Mindset of the CEO - Getting to the top

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Mindset of the CEO - Ten insights to getting to the top

‘CEO’ certainly does not rank as high as fireman, astronaut or cowboy. But as children grow up, life’s path often takes them on an unexpected journey with many entering the business world where there are greater opportunities to earn a good living, stretch themselves as professionals and make a significant and lasting contribution.

The role of the CEO is one that is often sought after but perhaps not a childhood ambition. This Mindset of the CEO series seeks to  understand what drives them to make it to the top, stay and thrive. In this insight we uncover their tips to getting to the top. 

Here are the first 5 of the ten insights given by the CEO's. You can get the full article by completing your details.

5 Top Tips To Getting To The Top

1. Do a tremendous job at whatever you’re doing now, because people don’t get to be CEOs by being mediocre in their careers.

2. Work on your communication skills, CEOs need to be great communicators. People get to be CEOs by being great performers, being innovative and communicating their successes.

3. Have a breadth of knowledge and interests. Show a hunger and appetite for new knowledge, responsibilities and roles.

4. Be patient and politically savvy.

5. Do not shy away from opportunities when they are presented. You have to be analytical in your approach to becoming a CEO but you also have to be flexible with the ability to grab any opportunity that arises.


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